Yin-Hua Chu, 'Travelling Home'

Incidentally and intentionally, Chu YinHua has been moving between different cities for more than ten times in the past few years. Such experiences enabled her to rethink the idea of ‘private space’ – apart from her personal belongings, how can she pack or even carry with her, the memories of these ‘home(s)’?

In ‘Travelling Home’, she used readymade ornaments and images from Google StreetView to construct interior spaces according to her memories of different ‘home’ she used to live. The process of constructing the models worked as filters which have purified and revealed her perceptions of those different ‘home(s)’ that have left traces in her. The act of photographing these miniature settings via mobile provided another approach to scrutinise and to re-encounter memories, while at the same time also fulfilled the desire of possessing these ‘home’ that she can never pack with me.

Chu is PhD Candidate in Photography at Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media, University of Westminster, UK. Her photographic projects have been published in magazines and worldwide exhibitions, including 2008 Biennale National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, 2009 London Design Festival, 2010 Fringe Art Bath, 2010 Italy Cuneo ZooArt, 2010 Taiwan Photo Museum. In 2009 she has been invited as the Exchanging Artist from Taipei Artist Village to Tokyo Wonder Site.

For more information, www.chuyinhua.com